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David Bohmiller

David Bohmiller, MBA, MS (he/him/his)
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive
Inevitabl LLC
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Best Video Testimonial Software

Adding the best video testimonial software to your site and social media channels can help you stand out to your prospects and help you earn more clients.

Continue reading "Best Video Testimonial Software"

What Is Leadership?

What is leadership? There's the textbook definition and explanation based on experience. Find both in this article helping to define leadership.

Continue reading "What Is Leadership?"

The LinkedIn OS by Justin Welsh | A Product Review

The LinkedIn OS by Justin Welsh has given 1,000s of entrepreneurs structure and process to guide their social media efforts. Learn more in our review.

Continue reading "The LinkedIn OS by Justin Welsh | A Product Review"

The Importance of Leadership - Insight, Examples, and Advice

Learn about the importance of leadership and read the insight, examples, and advice of our guest contributor..

Continue reading "The Importance of Leadership - Insight, Examples, and Advice"

Effective Leadership Skills | Reflections on Demonstrating Leadership

Learn how to demonstrate effective leadership skills at work. Apply these best leadership practices to become a better leader and influence team members.

Continue reading "Effective Leadership Skills | Reflections on Demonstrating Leadership"

Leadership Lessons I Learned By Making Foolish Mistakes

Leadership lessons can be taught through a manager's mistakes, whether you're the manager, or you're a coworker witnessing the errors in judgment or action.

Continue reading "Leadership Lessons I Learned By Making Foolish Mistakes"

How Do You Demonstrate Leadership?

To answer the question "how do you demonstrate leadership?" we invited guest authors from several industries to reflect on their experiences with great leaders.

Continue reading "How Do You Demonstrate Leadership?"

Are You an Employee Engagement Consultant?

Are you an employee engagement consultant or a change management consultant? Learn more about what we do at Inevitabl Coaching and Consulting.

Continue reading "Are You an Employee Engagement Consultant?"

7 Change Leader Skills Vital to Organizational Transformation

Without these 7 change leader skills, your organizational change management project and chances of success in transformation are significantly diminished.

Continue reading "7 Change Leader Skills Vital to Organizational Transformation"

The Benefits of Employee Engagement

Understanding the benefits of employee engagement are key to business success in times of plenty and in crisis. Learn about employee engagement benefits.

Continue reading "The Benefits of Employee Engagement"

Resistance to Change in Organizations

Learn 3 types of resistance to change in organizations and how to address them to earn employee trust, buy-in, and support of change efforts.

Continue reading "Resistance to Change in Organizations"

The Importance of Employee Engagement After Layoffs

Learn about the importance of employee engagement after layoffs, the consequences of lack of engagement, and how to engage layoff survivors.

Continue reading "The Importance of Employee Engagement After Layoffs"

Small Business Website Design

Inevitabl's small business website design service let's you focus on your business with the confidence that your website will engage your prospective customers.

Continue reading "Small Business Website Design"

Why Choose a Boutique Consulting Firm?

Learn 3 reasons why you might choose a boutique consulting firm over one of the big name consulting firms.

Continue reading "Why Choose a Boutique Consulting Firm?"

Change Management Strategy

Your organizational change management strategy requires a growth mindset among leaders, without which innovation and sustainability may be diminished.

Continue reading "Change Management Strategy"

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