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You're familiar with the saying that change is the only constant. You've experienced it personally and professionally.

You've seen what happens when it doesn't go according to plan, if there ever had been a strategy in the first place.

That brings up a good question. Two, in fact.

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Can You Plan for Change? Can You Manage Change?

Like physical muscles that must be exercised, the change management process is one that when not practiced frequently or consistently can deliver unfavorable results.

change management

The use it or lose it philosophy applies.

"But, I've gotten good results before without having a plan."

While that may be the case for some, and it's awesome when things do work out that way, it can be difficult to duplicate results that happened by chance.

Random processes yield random results. When there are personal or professional stakes on the line, you'll want the confidence of a proven system.

With that in mind, this page holds several articles that will highlight key elements of change management, clarify best practices, and help you to better address change for yourself or your organization.

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Change Management Fundamentals.

These next two articles will provide a foundation for your understanding of change.

Taking time to read through each will help you walk before you run, or enter the world of a generalist before you become a specialist.

Most Popular.

  • Change Management Process - The framework for change to which I most closely subscribe is Kotter's 8 step change model. In this article, I introduce and explore each of the eight steps, with insight on best practices for implementation.


  • What Is Change Management? - Learn about the fundamentals of change with application to individuals, teams, departments, and across domestic and international organizations.

More On Managing Change.

  • Change Management Plan - With 70% of organizational change efforts ending in failure, is it possible to be part of the other 30%? Why even have a change strategy at all? These questions and more answered.
  • Change Management Strategy - Learn about the influence of growth mindset on change management strategy and the differences between traditional approaches to organizational problem-solving versus a gymnastic enterprise approach.
  • Human Resources Management - Organizational change doesn't occur in one department alone. Its impacts are felt across companies. Key to success in change are the members of your human resources department as their influence is a constant from recruiting to employee retention to development of strategy and its communication.
Diverse Stakeholders
  • Business Management Degree - Is a degree in business administration necessary to be able to identify a need for or to foster an organizational culture that is accepting of change? Learn how you can begin cultivating an environment, and a workforce, that expects, accepts, and supports change in your organization.
  • Customer Relationship Management - While, previously, organizations may have been able to enact change through strategic development and communication that was internal only, the influence, demands, and behaviors of external stakeholders is changing this landscape. Learn about stakeholder analysis, management, and inclusion and how it can further the progress toward project or organizational achievement.
  • Leadership and Management - How important is the involvement of senior or executive leaders in reaching a successful project outcome? Is there a difference between leaders and managers? Learn more about modeling the way, creating a sense of us, and how other leadership theories influence organizational change.
  • Resistance To Change - Learn about 3 types of change resistance in organizations and how to address them to earn employee trust, buy-in, and support of change efforts.
  • Social Media Management - No longer a nice-to-have, active presence and engagement on social media platforms has the power to further the acceptance and support of change initiatives with diverse internal and external audiences.
  • Change Management Plans - Learn how employee engagement, stakeholder analysis, and encouraging diverse and inclusion can enhance the success of your change management projects.

For More On Change Management.

This section of the site is an excellent primer for insight on methodologies, tools, and resources that can support successful change efforts.

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