With so many resources available for career and professional development, entrepreneurship and small business ownership, and for executive teams and organizations, it can be difficult to decide what will be a good fit. Below you'll find what's made my list of favorites.


This Might Be Upsetting.

Before you dive in, there's something that's important to hear. And, this might be upsetting to some people.

While this is a great list of resources, and investing in these options or ones like them may help your business, you still have to do the work.

To use an example from the fitness world, it isn't the buying of the home gym equipment or the health club membership that gets you to reaching your health and wellness goals. It's the getting up everyday and making use of them that delivers progress and results.

The same holds true for the resources you'll see below. Okay, now you can take a look!

Links on the rest of this page are "affiliate links." If you click on them and buy, Inevitabl LLC earns a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I know and love and which I believe will be genuinely useful to you. See my affiliate policy for more information.


The Operating System.

The Operating System

I've completed 200+ online courses over the last several years and Justin Welsh's "The Operating System" stands head and shoulders above the rest.

If you have a LinkedIn profile and intend to use it as more than just a resume or an online business card, meaning you're actually posting content - you need this!

The Operating System is delivered via video modules, and an associated Google Drive resource (critical to your success) is included.

Whether you're creating a LinkedIn profile for the first time, or if you've had an account for years, Justin's system will meet you where you are, with steps you can implement the same day.

For More On The Operating System:

Supercharge Your LinkedIn Experience.

I've had LinkedIn since December 23, 2006. 🤯

Scary, right?

In that time, there's been a lot of progress and a lot of mistakes.

But, it's been a great ride that's provided a wealth of knowledge.

Enough so that I've crammed some of my favorite tips into this 5-part email course.

It's free, and a great starting point, if you want your LinkedIn profile to do more for you than collect dust sitting on the side of the road on the internet super highway.

Learn more about our course "Supercharge Your LinkedIn Experience."

Professional Services.


When you're forming a business, you want to create a brand that stands out. You want one that is unique.

Maybe you also want your logo, brand assets, and digital creations to be ready for trademark consideration. And, you don't want to take the time to learn how to use the software to try to create this all on your own.

That's why I turn to 99designs to host a contest, receiving (usually) 100s of design submissions from talented creators, providing feedback in the early rounds, and narrowing the field to select a winner.

Schedule a Free Design Consultation.



It goes without fail that when I learn that someone is starting a business, my mind turns to recommending that they connect with a qualified professional to determine the appropriate business entity creation and associated legal protections.

Sure, you could visit your State's website and possibly complete the related forms online in a matter of minutes. However, for many that ice that we'd be walking on could be pretty thin.

I've enjoyed the customer experience and the support of the LegalZoom team members in the creation of my LLC, along with the additional, and optional, integrations and services that are available.

What I enjoy doing most is working with clients and creating content that makes their lives easier. The more time I had to spend working through a maze of legal jargon, while being completely unsure as to whether I'd missed anything of importance, the less time I'd have to do the things I love.

Learn more about LegalZoom here.


business insurance

Where I've seen many to be lax in their formal business entity creation, I've seen the same to be true where many solopreneurs neglect to select appropriate business insurance.

The type of products or services you provide, how and where you do business, whether you meet with clients in-person or if all is virtual, and other variables must all be considered in your selection of appropriate insurance coverages.

These are best-guided by a qualified professional. I've enjoyed my experiences with my business insurance provider, and have one less worry (not that worrying has ever been a solution to any concern) to distract me from my personal and professional passions.

Learn more about Mylo.



Being able to engage with visitors and clients is one of the more fulfilling parts of coaching and consulting.

While social media platforms certainly allow for some form of interaction, being dependent on an algorithm that could change at any moment hasn't ever given me a feeling of security that I'll be able to stay in touch with those who happen upon my profile pages.

For that reason, you won't likely see very many reels or stories from me. I'd rather give you something concrete and that has some permanence to it. Plus, I love writing and filming videos.

All of this is to say that ConvertKit is my chosen provider for my newsletter services. And, should anything ever happen to them, the list of those of you who have so graciously subscribed to my weekly ramblings via email are just a download away.

In short, we'll be able to stay in touch much more easily should any of the currently popular platforms go the way of MySpace or Friendster.

I should write something else about ConvertKit. Their customer support is by far the best I've experienced. Quick, friendly, knowledgeable, and they get things done.

I'd signed up with the newsletter service in mind, and have been pleasantly surprised by the inclusion of landing pages, subdomains, virtual automations, email sequences, and other features that have all been gravy.

Learn more about ConvertKit here.

ConvertKit Options:

  • The Free Plan (free for up to 1,000 subscribers)
  • Creator Plan (perfect for intermediate creators to help grow, connect, and go on autopilot)
  • Creator Pro Plan (for the advanced creator looking for powerful features and growth)


If you've seen my contact form or if you've been an Inevitabl LLC coaching or consulting client, you've enjoyed our HoneyBook experience.

It's a software service that's part lead generating, project managing, pipeline organizing, calendar structuring, proposal sending, invoice sharing, and accounts receivable supporting all in one.

What I like most is that I don't have to subscribe to several different providers to get all of those things done.

The platform has enough features that you'd think it'd be easy to get lost in setting everything up, which it could be, if not for the incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and responsive support team. I just sent them what I had in mind, and they set nearly everything up for me.

Learn more about HoneyBook.


If you've watched the videos I've recorded for, or if you've visited and subscribed to my YouTube channel, you've likely noticed the bubble in the bottom left corner of the screen where you can see me!

That's one piece of Loom's functionality - their "Screen and Camera" option - when recording videos. They also have screen only and camera only options, so there's something to fit any preference.

I'd first used Loom in preparing grad school presentations, and shortly thereafter used it for personalizing my outreach to prospects in an Inside Sales Executive role.

While I've tended to download the filmed videos from Loom, then upload them to YouTube, Loom does have its own area to where you can direct viewers so they can both watch and engage with your videos.

At the time of this writing, Loom offers a free plan with some limitation as to the number and length of videos that one can record, though upgrades are available which extend the maximum length of video recording.

Learn more about Loom here.

While ConvertKit provides for my email, newsletter, and some product and service delivery, and Honeybook is my preferred provider when it comes to consulting and related contracts... is where I've turned for project management related to my consulting engagements.

If you're old school and have been getting by with pen and paper, or staying mostly organized with spreadsheets, there's a better way.

Usually, it's a headache to try to learn a new software.

Though, it's a bigger issue, for you and your clients, when critical project milestones are overlooked.

While is powerful with features to fit teams of all sizes, they're a solid step up for solopreneurs and small business owners, as well.

Learn more about here.

Solo Build It!

I'd first used Solo Build It! in 2006. I'd been inspired to start a website then as several friends and colleagues in the fitness industry were developing their online presence and beginning to share information with audiences outside of their local area.

In much the same way that I describe the trials and tribulations of the change management process, the same can be said of the learning that occurs in building a website and in creating the content for it.

While there may be simple-to-implement options for website creation, what's drawn me to Solo Build It! for as many years as it has is the 10-Day Action Plan and the tools that are provided that help in search engine optimization and the development of a blueprint for a content-based site. Following this plan can help to ensure that your website is not a needle in a haystack or a virtual business card that provides little benefit.

I'll say that there is a bit of a learning curve to using this platform as effectively as one could, though the support received from customer service as well as from other SBIers (as we're called) in the forums provides reassurance that you're on the right path.

Learn more about Solo Build It!


Asking for testimonials can be awkward.

Once you have them you have to figure out how to display them on your site or social media. That can involve files, downloads, uploads, html, and all sorts of other IT stuff.

Who has time for that? Not you and not your customers.

As you've been browsing my site, you may have seen text or video testimonials and the "Powered by Testimonial" mention.

It's the easiest, most fun, and least awkward way I've found to gather and share testimonials.

With integrations for social media, external videos, 3rd-party reviews, and Zapier, and with options for a "Wall of Love," a collection widget, tracking metrics, and other features, you'll be displaying awesome reviews in no time.

Last I'd checked, the 1st 2 videos were free!


While I've used Loom for instructional videos, I've tended to use Vidyard as part of my sales processes.

Prospective clients can receive hundreds of emails each day. Just like Zoom fatigue, email fatigue is real. To stand out from the crowd of competitors, I've enjoyed dropping a Vidyard video right into the body of an email.

Sick of cold calls and cold emails? Send a Vidyard. It'll be more fun for you and for those on the receiving end.

It's great for ongoing, customer service, too. Did you receive a question where it could take some time to write out the answer. Film a quick video, and send your response that way instead!

Learn more about Vidyard here.

For More Recommended Resources.

This section of the site is a great foundation for the types of resources that you might choose to use individually or in your organization.

While it's not an exhaustive list, it should get you thinking about the options that you do have.

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