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Is the All-in-One Community Platform Right for You?

Our Circle Community Review

A Circle community review is in order, if you're:

✅ Staring an online community

✅ Moving an offline community online

✅ Upgrading from another community platform

In this review, you'll learn what led me to Circle, the features I've used most, and why I'd choose the platform again in a heartbeat.

Circle Community Review

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Creating an Environment You And Your Members Will Love

Distractions are all around us. They come in the form of news feeds, ads, the 101 tabs open on your laptop, and even fidget spinners.

Accessing such quantities of information is great, except when you're seeking engagement. It's especially inconvenient when you're trying to engage your online community.

The Member Perspective

Ever joined a group on social media, only to realize it's impossible to find it again? Once you do, other notifications start popping up, and your focus is pulled elsewhere? It makes it tough, as a member, to gain the value you'd sought initially.

The Creator Perspective

On the creator side, with ever-changing algorithms, are you pulling out your hair, wondering if group members see any of your posts? It's a constant battle to reach your audience and keep them engaged.

Fidget Spinner

It's Why I Jumped Off The Merry-Go-Round

There wasn't an end in sight, so I exited the carnival ride, and began my search for a true solution. I poured into video reviews and blog reviews, like this one, of several competing options. Though, try as I might, I kept coming back to just one that shone more brightly than the rest.

Atop that podium was Circle: The all-in-one community platform for creators and brands.

The #1 Reason I Chose Circle

🏆 A Distraction-less environment - Once inside Circle, you and your members can forget about outside interference. You're in a standalone environment. No ads coming at you from left and right. No competing groups. No fidget spinners. Instead, you have focus, and a true opportunity for immersion in content, discussion, and learning.

3 More Reasons On Top of That

1️⃣ All-in-One - Start with written and video content and member commenting and discussion in the Spaces you create. When it's time to host a meeting (e.g. - webinar, 1:1, group coaching, office hours, etc.), it's all in Circle. No jumping to another platform that disrupts the experience.

2️⃣ iOS and Android Apps - On-the-go, mobile convenience. You and your community will always be within arm's reach.

3️⃣ Community-Powered Courses - Designing or migrating self-paced or cohort courses? Don't let them be the home-gym treadmills that never get used. Give them some oomph with module-specific activities and discussion where community members learn from, and support, each other.

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Circle Pricing Updates

The plan options (as of the time of this writing on 5/12/2023)

Basic plan:


Professional plan:


Business plan:

$249/month (Early bird pricing is $199/month)

Enterprise plan:


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What Does It Look Like?

You'll have good flexibility to present your brand professionally and consistently, while taking advantage of a well-organized user experience.

As I'm no graphics pro, I was glad to have the support of the Circle team and other community members. The available templates helped me in organizing my Spaces Groups and Spaces, and in designing my banners.

Here, take a look at my community's home page.

Inevitabl Community Homepage

Is It Public or Private?

You'll have your choice of making your community publicly-accessible or one that's for members only.

As your community will be made up of Space Groups, with Spaces within each of those, you'll determine the levels and types of access, and whether they're accessible for free or for fee.

Want a bit of both? Engage the masses in public, or private no-fee, areas of your community, and create exclusive areas, requiring upgrade to various tiers of membership.

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How Do I Accept Payments?

Decided on your membership tiers and pricing? Awesome!

You won't have to jump through hurdles to accept payments from your community members. Easily accept payments from your members right within Circle.

✅ Monthly subscriptions

✅ Annual memberships

✅ 1-time enrollments

They're easy to create, and you and your members will love the simplicity.

Circle Community Payments

I'm Not Going Back!

Whether you're providing a product or service, or if your community and its experience is the product, your members deserve the best. Start your 14-day trial of Circle, and take a look around. Follow the tour, jump in an orientation meeting, see how others are doing it, get inspired, and take action!

Was I nervous? Sure. Though, in anything, the 1st step is the toughest. I hope this Circle community review encourages you to take the leap, consider where you and your community members will be 1 year from now, and how you and they will have grown. I'm never going back to the old, distracted way of running communities. I'm a Circle loyalist, and I'm confident my community members are loving it, too!

In health,

David Bohmiller

David Bohmiller, MBA, MS (he/him/his)
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive
Inevitabl LLC

Circle Community Review FAQ

Which plan are you on?

I'm on the Professional plan. However, each creator's or brand's needs are different. I recommend beginning with the 14-day trial of Circle to get acquainted with the platform. You can always upgrade as you discover your needs and what will serve your community members best.

What's the learning curve like?

If you've used popular social media platforms before, you'll catch on right away to the commenting and discussion pieces. Regarding how to create Space Groups, Spaces, organize, and visually-prepare your community, there's ample help from the Circle team and from the community members you'll meet as part of Circle's community. There's written, visual, and discussion-based guidance at every corner.

Do you have any regrets?

Not having gotten started sooner! Sign up for your 14-day trial of Circle today!

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