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A History of Research On Leadership and Leadership Styles.

Research seeking a leadership definition, studying leadership qualities, and aiming to answer the "what is leadership?" question spans decades.

leadership styles

Early thinking suggested that one was either born a leader or not, and that leadership qualities were innate.

Further investigation uncovered a list of desirable leadership traits, giving rise to the question of whether those characteristics could be taught or developed.

It was determined that leadership could be cultivated by implementing a leadership development plan or through other types of training.

Continued research, organizational learning, and the changing needs and expectations of businesses, consumers, and others opened the doors to a fascinating area of influence on professional development and business sustainability.

A Personal Theory Of Leadership.

A favorite course in my MS in Organizational Leadership program challenged learners to develop and articulate their personal theory of leadership.

leadership theory

This was done through the research of individual leadership styles, analysis of leadership versus management, and consideration of examples of being a leader that had been personally experienced.

My own theory of leadership, and my application of it, draws most strongly from three areas:

*️⃣ Situational Leadership - with special attention to the Hersey and Blanchard model.

*️⃣ Functional Leadership - following closely the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership by Kouzes and Posner.

*️⃣ Shared Social Identity - as developed by Haslam, Reicher, and Platow.

Fundamentals of Leadership Styles.

The two articles, highlighted below, will provide a foundation for your understanding of different types of leadership.

Some will resonate and others may, at first, seem difficult to envision in application.

To me, that's part of the beauty of the discipline.

While there is history, terminology, and widely accepted understanding, flexibility exists for you to draw from the areas that play to your strengths, your unique circumstances, and the needs of the teams or organization you support.

Most Popular.

Types of Leadership - Learn about leadership types including situational, exemplary, shared social identity in leadership, and more. Discover those that resonate with you more than others. Trying to adopt and implement all of them may sabotage your ability to create positive impact. Learn how to narrow the field and play to your strengths.


Leadership Qualities - Discover the leadership traits and skills considered to be desirable as part of a leadership development journey.

More On Leadership Development.

written articles
  • Business Leadership Skills - If you're an individual contributor or manager who hasn't had formal leadership training, you're not alone. The great news is that you can learn how to build your business leadership skills. Here, you'll learn about my path to management and leadership.
  • Examples of Being a Leader - A great way to learn, beyond the textbook, is through experience. You may have witnessed great examples of leadership. Read a few of our favorites and contribute your own.
  • How to Build Leadership Skills - Now that you know that leadership skills can be developed, how does one go about learning how to practice and improve? Read tips from several guest contributors on enhancing your leadership skill set.
  • Masters In Organizational Leadership - Learn about my graduate school experience, with attention to professional experience prior, the coursework included, tips for graduate students, career options, and the opportunity to tell your story or to ask questions.
  • Thank You for Your Leadership - Personally or professionally, there are often mentors, managers, or team members whose leadership has been especially meaningful. Here, you'll be able to craft a thank you message, highlighting this person's impact, while also creating your own page on our site.
  • What Is Leadership To You? - Read the definition of leadership. Understand its presence in professional settings, sports, and at home. And, contribute your own thoughts and ideas on what leadership means to you.
  • Difference Between Leadership and Management - One does not need formal authority, to be a manager, or to hold a specific title in order to be considered a leader. Learn more about the differences between leaders and managers.
  • Types of Leadership in Business - You may have experienced leaders whose styles you enjoyed, and those whose actions didn't quite gel with organizational culture. Add to your understanding of different types of leadership.
  • Who Is the Best Leader? - With as many leadership styles as there are, is there one best type? Is it the same for small and large organizations? Can it transcend industries? Find out more about the best type of leader.

Leadership Articles: Guest Contributors.

guest authors
  • Effective Leadership Skills - Coming from different industries, with Katie Piekielski reflecting on fitness and Kyle Kernan providing insight on educational technology, our guest contributors share their thoughts on demonstrating leadership skills.
  • How Do You Demonstrate Leadership? - Special guest contributors Rick Mazzei and Laura Mahoney share their insights on demonstrating leadership, its importance, memorable leaders, and other pearls of wisdom.
  • Leadership Skills for Managers - In this article, Michael Rowley explores the "Build in Public, Break in Private" model of leadership, with examples, stories, and insight, built from his career experiences.
  • What Is Leadership? - In this article, Rachel Breton reflects on leadership as being within each of us, and that it might not need to be an unachievable, placed on a pedestal only for a select few.

For More On Leadership Styles.

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