thank you for your leadership

Our "Thank You for Your Leadership" page is where you can shout out those who have had great impact on your learning and success.

thank you for your leadership

Whether you're at the beginning of your career or are an experienced professional...

And, no matter if you're an individual contributor, manager, director, executive within a company, or if you're a solopreneur, you may have had help getting where you are.

That isn't to say that you didn't put in the efforts necessary, yet that your learning and growth may have been influenced along the way.

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Thank You For Your Leadership: My Own Thank Yous.

There are 100s of people I could thank from across the periods of my career to date. However, the following three stand out. Thank you for your leadership Gary, Dave, and Doug!

Thank You Gary K.

Early in my career, when I'd been a Personal Trainer and Fitness Manager, Gary K. was a District Manager. Each month, a region-wide, in-person meeting was held that included membership sales consultants and managers from several departments from each facility within the territory. Gary often led these meetings, and I was always impressed with his communication skills, the precision in his selection of words to motivate others to action. In private interactions, his manner, words, and teaching had even greater impact. To this day, his example of leadership stands as that to which I aspire. Thank you, Gary!

Appreciation For Dave C.

Dave C. was an Area Fitness Manager at a time when I was in my first two managerial roles as an Assistant Fitness Manager and then as a Fitness Manager. While my undergraduate degree in Physical Education had prepared me for the technical aspects of fitness service delivery, I was without formal training in management, and may have been overly confident in some areas. What was most impactful for me about Dave's guidance was that at the same time that  he celebrated my achievements, he was brutally honest about the areas in which I needed to improve, and was quick to address both the good and the bad. In any career, there will be conversations that may be uncomfortable. I recall Dave's example often, and have been more impactful in guiding the development of the teams I've supported because of his leadership. Thanks, Dave!

Thanks Doug M.

Doug M. was my first Fitness Manager in my first professional role as a Personal Trainer after having finished my undergrad. As I'd aspired to move into management, Doug took me under his wing, showing me the behind-the-scenes of team leadership and managerial responsibilities from interviewing and individual setting of quotas to sales training and accountability. He even guided me to greater confidence in public speaking as I'd followed him down the health club stairs one day, thinking we'd be assisting in customer service, when he opened the door to the group exercise room, where several health club members were waiting, and let me know that I'd be teaching the class (the usual instructor was either late or absent that day). Talk about jumping into the deep end. Thanks, Doug, for the examples, mentorship, true care, and continued friendship even twenty years later!

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Often we're able to say thank you for your leadership directly to those who have been of such great help.

If an opportunity to do so was missed, you can highlight the contributions of your mentor, manager, or teammate here.

While you're telling your story, here are a few items to consider including:

  • Who is the leader you'd like to thank?

  • What made their leadership or help so impactful at the time?

  • How has experiencing their leadership shaped your own thoughts, behaviors, or actions?

  • And, anything else you'd like to add in thanking them!

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