Inevitabl assessive: change readiness assessment

Strategic Recommendations and Your Blueprint for Success

Fitness industry leaders choose Inevitabl Assessive when:

✔︎ Change resistance is constant

✔︎ Disengagement and turnover are rampant

✔︎ Revenue and profits are sinking

✔︎ Costs are skyrocketing

✔︎ Root causes aren't clear

✔︎ In-house solutions aren't sticking

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Random Programming Yields Random Results. Refine Your Change Strategy In 3 Weeks to Never "Wing It" Again.

Tired of leaving outcomes to chance? Random programming occasionally gets you across the finish line, but the success you want isn't sporadic—it gives consistent, meaningful impact.

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A Consistent Foundation Yields Personalization

When your gym-seekers get a personalized needs analysis or your new members get a fitness orientation, you lay a foundation for their success by eliminating randomness. That's what we do with our clients through our Change Readiness Assessment—Inevitabl Assessive.

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Be Unique


What Inevitabl Assessive Is

It's a transformation gateway, crafted to uncover exactly what sets your organization apart. Just as your gym memberships and personal training plans are tailored to individual needs, our recommendations and strategic roadmap are uniquely personalized for your lasting success in organizational change.

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3 Reasons the C-Suite, Executives, Sales and HR Leaders Hire Inevitabl


Improve Employee Engagement

US Companies Lose $450-$550 Billion Annually to Poor Performance from Employee Disengagement

Via Baker (2014) as cited in Rastogi et al. (2018)


Develop Change Leaders

Gain Competitive Advantage and Promote Internal Mobility by Upskilling Employees


Reduce Turnover Costs

Boost Retention, Decrease Overwork and Burnout, and Improve Employee Loyalty

Don't Take Our Word for It--Take Action

Take a 1st step towards clarity and certainty. Reserve your complimentary, 20-minute call to change the trajectory of your organization. This initial conversation isn't a consultation; it's a collaboration to uncover the potential for impactful change together.

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Just 3 Weeks to Project Completion



Initial call, surveys, and self evaluations



Exploration of survey and evaluation responses



Presentation of results and recommendations

Commitment Phobia

Got Commitment Phobia?

Worried about commitment? Don't be. Our introductory call comes with no strings attached, no fees, and zero obligations. We believe in demonstrating our value before asking for your investment.

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If Our Stars Align

Should you choose to embark on this transformative journey with Inevitabl Assessive, a 1-time investment of $5,000 will be your passport to lasting change. But let's not get ahead of ourselves—your journey begins with that 1st call.

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Let's Turn Random to Remarkable

Let's pave the way for undeniable success, together. Fill out the form, and let's set the stage for your organization's triumphant evolution. Your destiny awaits, and we're here to make it--Inevitabl.

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Schedule your complimentary, 20-minute call for Inevitabl Assessive (Organizational Change Readiness Assessment) or other services below.

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David Bohmiller, MBA, MS (he/him/his)
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Inevitabl LLC

Inevitabl Assessive FAQ

Click on a question to open its answer.

Who's involved?

You, me, and, and any key stakeholders from your decision-making group attend initial and presentation meetings. Employees are sent surveys and leaders are sent self-evaluations through email.

What is it? What steps are involved?

A 3 week consulting engagement with:

  • Employee engagement survey
  • Leadership team self-evaluations
  • Presentation of findings & strategic recommendations

Where is work completed?

Performed virtually for your convenience.

Why is a change readiness assessment recommended?

Key to our diagnostic is the measure of employee engagement. Baker (2014) as cited in Rastogi et al. (2018) suggests that companies in the United States lose $450 to $550 billion annually to poor performance from employee disengagement. Addressing root causes can have significant human and financial impact for your organization.

When do the meetings take place?

We'll coordinate mutually convenient meeting times.

How much does the assessment cost?

Inevitabl Assessive is a fixed-fee service, based on your company's size, and starts at $5,000.

What happens after recommendations are delivered?

Once we've presented our recommendations, you'll have a blueprint to begin making meaningful changes in your company. You can elect to put these into practice yourself. Or, if you've enjoyed our work and prefer our help in implementation or advisory, we can discuss available options.

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Reference: Rastogi, A., Pati, S. P., Krishnan, T. N., & Krishnan, S. (2018). Causes, Contingencies, and Consequences of Disengagement at Work: An Integrative Literature Review. Human Resource Development Review, 17(1), 62-94.

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