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How I've Helped Organizations Implement Change

Hi, I'm David Bohmiller. For over 20 years, I've developed leaders in sales and service, helping executives and managers:

  • Engage teams
  • Improve communication
  • Reduce turnover
  • Increase sales and profit

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Inevitabl Results

Today, I Help Sales and HR Leaders of Service Companies:

  • Connect team members to organizational culture so they gain the knowledge and confidence to improve it.
  • Reenergize disengaged employees to help them share ideas and improve organizational knowledge.
  • Enhance 2-way communication so that employees feel included, valued, and have a sense of ownership of project outcomes.
  • Upskill managers and senior executives to lead organizational change and create competitive advantage.

I've Helped Companies to:

Optimize Onboarding Programs

Orienting new team members to mission, vision, and values and enhancing their ability to apply sales frameworks.

Enhance Sales Team Effectiveness

Introducing new processes and training, helping under-performing departments and districts to exceed sales targets.

Communicate Changing Programs and Services

Decreasing employee resistance, improving team member knowledge and participation, and increasing customer lifetime value.

Create Learning & Development Programs

Utilizing key team members as instructors and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), developing monthly curriculum for presentation.

Introduce Job Role Expansion

Developing managers from a limited focus on sales production alone to becoming cross-functional, multi-talented leaders.

Implementation of New Software

Introducing new software and related systems to front-line employees in concert with technical experts.

Improve Interdepartmental Communication and Collaboration

Developing systems of communication and knowledge sharing between sales and marketing leaders to create and refine outbound sales messaging.

Specialties Include:

Change Readiness Audit | Strategy Development and Implementation | Change Model and Process Design | Workshops, Speaking, and Events | Executive and Leadership Coaching | Leading Organizational Change

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