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From Inevitabl Assessive, our signature starting engagement, to change leadership workshops, SWOT analysis, implementation support (done with you or done for you), and strategic advisory, we work with organizations in a variety of ways. Explore below, or contact us to learn more & start a project.

Change Readiness Assessment

Inevitabl Assessive is a comprehensive audit of your organization's preparedness for change. Our survey of employees, evaluation of leaders, and strategic recommendations will have you making better change decisions in just 3 weeks.

Inevitabl Assessive | Starting at $5,000

AssessmentAn Actionable Roadmap for Successful Change

Prepare Your Leaders for Organizational Change

Assess change readiness, skill, communication, and training gaps to:

✔︎ Retain & upskill employees
✔︎ Attract & hire high-performers
✔︎ Enhance employee engagement
✔︎ Slash disengagement & turnover costs
✔︎ Communicate & collaborate effectively
✔︎ Make change stick

Strategic recommendations and your blueprint for success delivered in just 3 weeks.

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Additional Services.

Inevitabl Inclusive


Starting at $2,000

Give future leaders an educational foundation in organizational change management.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Starting at $3,000

Develop strategic direction through our survey-based Organizational SWOT Analysis.

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Clients who have enjoyed our support in any of the above services may decide to continue engagement in implementation and/or ongoing strategic advisory, where additional fees may apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Inevitabl Consulting

What types of companies do you work with?

With 20+ years of industry experience, I work in support of small to mid-sized fitness companies, from owner-managed single studios to multi-unit, franchisee-owned businesses, franchisor groups, and big box health club chains.

Where is your work performed?

Inevitabl Inclusive workshops, SWOT Analysis, and Inevitabl Assessive are designed for convenient, virtual delivery. If on-site engagements are desired, or preferred, arrangements can be discussed.

What are the outcomes?

In Inevitabl Assessive and our SWOT analysis, we deliver strategic recommendations and a roadmap for success. You'll be able to take the wheel and act on our recommendations with members of your team to enable change aligned with organizational objectives and that will improve employee engagement and retention, reduce turnover costs, and increase productivity. It's a safe 1st step to test working together and to begin creating meaningful impact.

In Inevitabl Inclusive workshops, you'll learn the fundamentals of change, proven models, how to embrace and utilize change resistance to improve communication and work together more collaboratively. Future change projects will see less resistance, improved engagement, and better success rates with business impact.

What are your fees?

It costs nothing to get acquainted via an initial call. If deciding to work together, fixed fees exist for Inevitabl Inclusive workshops (starting at $2,000), SWOT Analysis ($3,000), and Inevitabl Assessive (starting at $5,000). For continuing engagements, including implementation support and/or ongoing strategic advisory, retainer fees and performance-based fees apply. Contact us to open the conversation.

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  • Introduce/improve Change Management processes
  • Increase employee engagement & productivity
  • Reduce & utilize change resistance
  • Slash employee turnover costs
  • Develop change leaders

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