Inevitabl assessive: change readiness assessment

Strategic Recommendations and Your Blueprint for Success

What You'll Discover With Our Change Readiness Assessment

Inevitabl Assessive, our change readiness assessment is in order, if you're feeling the pains of employee disengagement and resistance to change, and root causes have been tough to pin down.

In the 3 weeks of our assessment, we explore 2 key areas:

  • Employee engagement - to understand demographics, team member roles, teamwork, leadership, and organizational perception

  • Leadership evaluation - to draw insight on goals, successes, professional development interests, and upskilling needs

The Result:

You'll have strategic recommendations and a blueprint for success so you can:

✓ Develop change leaders
✓ Retain & upskill employees
✓ Attract & hire high performers
✓ Slash disengagement & turnover costs
✓ Communicate & collaborate effectively

OCM plan

Why Is Change Readiness Important?

Organizational change readiness is deeply connected to employee engagement. And, employee engagement significantly influences productivity and performance.

Companies limited in their change capabilities are restricted to reaction, constantly putting out fires, rather than being able to charge ahead strategically.

$450 - $550 Billion

The amount US companies lose annually to poor performance from employee disengagement.

Baker (2014) as cited in Rastogi et al. (2018)

Keeping Employees Engaged

Mitigate Risk

Losses from poor performance and disengagement are staggering. It helps to determine the financial impact for your company.

For perspective, and the math:

Getting from A to B

Getting from A to B shouldn't take a lifetime. Neither should getting the information you need to make meaningful change for your company.

6 weeks to 3+ months waiting for employee engagement data and analysis is inefficient. It leaves you with outdated info that no longer applies.

Our 3-week process is quick, efficient, and accurate, so you can start making measurable progress.

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Our 3-Week Process

Week 1:

Initial call, employee survey, and leaders' self evaluations

Week 2:

Analysis of survey and evaluation responses

Week 3:

Virtual meeting delivery of results and recommendations

Change Readiness Assessment FAQ

Who's involved?

You, me, and, and any key stakeholders from your decision-making group attend initial and presentation meetings. Employees are sent surveys and leaders are sent self-evaluations through email.

What is it? What steps are involved?

A 3 week consulting engagement with:

  • Employee engagement survey
  • Leadership team self-evaluations
  • Presentation of findings & strategic recommendations

Where is work completed?

Performed virtually for your convenience.

Why is a change readiness assessment recommended?

Key to our diagnostic is the measure of employee engagement. Baker (2014) as cited in Rastogi et al. (2018) suggests that companies in the United States lose $450 to $550 billion annually to poor performance from employee disengagement. Addressing root causes can have significant human and financial impact for your organization.

When do the meetings take place?

We'll coordinate mutually convenient meeting times.

How much does the assessment cost?

Inevitabl Assessive is a fixed-fee service, based on your company's size, and starts at $5,000.

What happens after recommendations are delivered?

Once we've presented our recommendations, you'll have a blueprint to begin making meaningful changes in your company. You can elect to put these into practice yourself. Or, if you've enjoyed our work and prefer our help in implementation or advisory, we can discuss available options.

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Inevitabl Assessive let's you kick the tires to see how you enjoy our work before deciding on longer-term engagement. Read about our methodology and process or contact us to start the conversation.

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References: Rastogi, A., Pati, S. P., Krishnan, T. N., & Krishnan, S. (2018). Causes, Contingencies, and Consequences of Disengagement at Work: An Integrative Literature Review. Human Resource Development Review, 17(1), 62-94.

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