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About David Bohmiller.

For over 20 years, I’ve developed leaders in the fitness industry, helping executives and managers engage teams, improve communication, reduce turnover, and increase sales and profit.

Today, I help sales and HR leaders of service companies:

  • Connect new team members to organizational culture so they gain the knowledge and confidence to help improve upon it.
  • Reenergize disengaged employees to help them share great ideas and improve organizational knowledge.
  • Enhance two-way communication so that employees feel included, valued, and have increased ownership of project outcomes.
  • Upskill managers and senior leaders to lead organizational change and make it a competitive advantage.

I’ve helped companies to:

  • Optimize onboarding programs to effectively introduce mission, vision, and values and enhance new employees’ comprehension of sales frameworks.
  • Enhance facility and regional sales team effectiveness through new processes and training, helping underperforming departments and districts to exceed sales targets.
  • Communicate changing programs and services, decreasing employee resistance, improving team member knowledge and participation, and increasing customer life time value.
  • Create Learning & Development programs utilizing key team members as instructors and SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), developing monthly curriculum.

Specialties include:

  • Employee Engagement Survey and Assessment
  • Leading Organizational Change
  • Building Business Leaders

I’d love to discuss how our proven processes used with small to mid-sized service companies can help your business exceed its goals. Schedule a complimentary discovery session to start the conversation.

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Professional and Academic Life.

While today I'm the founder of Inevitabl, I'm proud of the hybrid experiences that brought me here.

david bohmillerOff to work with clients! 😊

I'm a fitness industry veteran, with my undergrad in Physical Education and Exercise Science from Bridgewater State University. With twenty years in roles from personal trainer and group fitness instructor to fitness, general, and regional manager, and learning and development facilitator to fitness studio owner, I've been in the shoes of many of the individuals I love to help.

I brought many of the sales, marketing, and customer service skills from the fitness industry over to inside sales in educational technology, while working with teachers and school and district administrators in K-12 public schools.

I'm also a lifelong learner. With 200+ LinkedIn Learning courses completed, and with certifications in Human Resources (HRCI aPHR) and Project Management (PMI CAPM), I figured I'd hang a few diplomas on the wall. So, I completed my MBA, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship, at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), and continued at the same institution for my MS in Organizational Leadership.

Adjunct Faculty.

As I'd been pursing my graduate degrees, I had the opportunity to apply, and be considered, for a role as Adjunct Faculty in Southern New Hampshire University's Online MBA Program.

online degree programIt's safe to say I'm a fan of online learning!

I couldn't have jumped more quickly at the chance to positively influence the experience of graduate students in their degree programs.

In having completed the training program, requisite of candidates for the position, I am currently Online MBA Adjunct Faculty with SNHU, instructing the following courses:

  • MBA 687: Leading Organizational Change
  • MBA 540: Organizational Strategy in a Global Environment
  • MBA 500: Building Business Leaders

I will note that the views I express on this site are my own and do not reflect any official view or position of Southern New Hampshire University.

Other Cool Stuff.

Outside of work and study, I've grown up a Bostonian, though call the suburbs home, and with some time spent living in California (Manhattan Beach) and Florida (Boca Raton).

boston waterfrontThe Boston waterfront. 😀

I'm an ultra-endurance athlete, who enjoys multi-day races, and the travel that goes along with it that lets me see more of the world. The longer the race, the slower I get to move, and the more food there usually is. Win-win!

13 Fun Facts About Me.

1️⃣ My Childhood.

I was born in Colombia, South America, have a younger sister and brother, have enjoyed the most loving, supportive parents, and am very loyal to my hometown!

2️⃣ My Dream Occupation.

The short and sweet answer -- I'm livin' it! In working with clients and organizations, I'm afforded interesting work that allows me to make meaningful impact, consider a wide variety of situations, keeps me learning and creative, and allows me the flexibility to enjoy valuable time with family, friends, and the hobbies that energize me.

3️⃣ My First Car. 🚗

If I'm not counting my parents' station wagon or minivan, my own first vehicle was a '94 Ford Escort LX.

4️⃣ My Hidden Talents. 🔍

I don't know if they're hidden talents, though writing and empathy are my superpowers.

5️⃣ My Proudest Accomplishments.

Helping friends and colleagues succeed. Going back to grad school (after lots of time away after my undergrad) and crushing it. Being a pretty good Uncle!

David BohmillerTop of the fire tower, during the Barkley Fall Classic. 🏃⛰️

6️⃣ What I Learned From My Biggest Mistake.

Neither failure nor success are final, though better that any mistakes are blips, rather than trends.

7️⃣ The Most Unusual Item In My Office.

My Airdyne bike. 🚲

8️⃣ My Favorite Sports Team.

Has to be the Patriots 🏈, though a big fan of the USWNT ⚽, as well.

9️⃣ My Pet. 🐶

I consider my Sister's dog and my Mom's dog as pets, though I don't technically have one of my own at the moment.

🔟 My Guilty Pleasure. 📺

There are so many good series on YouTube that nobody has ever heard of before.

1️⃣1️⃣ My High School Yearbook Superlative. 🏆

I don't know that I have an official one in the yearbook, though quietest would probably be among those in consideration.

1️⃣2️⃣ My Best Friend.

Glad to have a small circle of very close friends. 😃

1️⃣3️⃣ What's On My Bucket List. 🪣📝

Traveling to Colombia at some point!

Let's Go!

I'm excited to share my journey with you, and to become a part of yours. Let's get started!

In health,

David Bohmiller

David Bohmiller, MBA, MS (he/him/his)
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive
Inevitabl LLC
➡️ LinkedIn

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