top 10 leadership responsibilities according to chatgpt

Curious to Learn What ChatGPT Has to Say About Leadership Responsibilities?

I was curious. You may be, too.

❓What would ChatGPT say about leadership responsibilities?

❓What if I asked it to write them in the form of the 10 commandments?

No need to fret. The results of my inquiry are just below.

Ten Commandments

ChatGPT's Leadership Responsibilities In 10 Commandments Form.


Thou shalt lead with integrity, honesty, and authenticity, for these are the foundation of trust and respect among thy followers.


Thou shalt set a clear vision and direction for thy followers, and provide guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.


Thou shalt inspire and motivate thy followers with passion and enthusiasm, and create a positive and empowering environment for them to thrive.


Thou shalt foster a culture of innovation and creativity, encouraging thy followers to explore new ideas and take calculated risks.


Thou shalt listen to thy followers' needs and concerns, and respond with empathy and understanding, seeking to build strong and meaningful relationships with them.


Thou shalt lead by example, setting high standards of excellence and holding thyself accountable for thy actions and decisions.


Thou shalt empower thy followers to take ownership of their work and make meaningful contributions to the team and organization.


Thou shalt communicate clearly and effectively, ensuring that all members of the team understand their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.


Thou shalt embrace diversity and inclusivity, valuing and celebrating differences in perspective, background, and experience.


Thou shalt continuously learn and grow as a leader, seeking out new knowledge, skills, and experiences to better serve thy followers and organization.

My Top 3.

While each of these are important, I've never been great at memorization. Plus, I prefer to whittle things down to where it's possible to make meaningful impact through improved focus. With that in mind, here are the 3 leadership responsibilities that resonate most with me.

1. The 6️⃣th Commandment.

Ducks Following the Leader

The 6th leadership responsibility speaks to leading by example, displaying the standards of action that are the expectation for followers. This resembles the "Model the Way" element of The 5 Practices of Exemplary Leadership, developed by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.

Just as the ducklings follow their mother in the image above, so too do employees follow the example set by managers and executives in organizations.

2. The 9️⃣th Commandment.

A focus on diversity and inclusion, celebrating distinct perspectives lends to an organization's enhancing the quality of ideas and strategy.

Where diverse representation exists, and their voices are valued, belonging and engagement improve.

Multicolored Paint Drippings

3. The 🔟th Commandment.

A commitment to continuous learning has been a staple in my personal development. And, it carries over into my professional core values.

Where leaders encourage continuous learning, competitive advantage can be earned through improved quality of employee contributions.

Letters of the Alphabet

Applying These Leadership Responsibilities.

To apply these leadership responsibilities in your organization, try this exercise during your next team meeting.

✅ Present the 10 leadership commandments for all to see. If in-person, a whiteboard display or individual handouts can work. If remotely, a shared screen or document will do the trick.

✅ Give your team members 5 minutes to review the entire list. Ask them to narrow it down to the 3 that resonate most with them, and to write a short description as to why. At the end of 5 minutes, each individual will have their own list of 3 with reasons attached.

✅ Bring the team members back into group discussion to compare their lists. Of the 10 commandments, look for the leadership responsibilities that have been selected most often.

✅ Through continued, group discussion, the goal of the exercise will be to have the group determine a final 3 representative of their shared understanding of leadership.

✅ Take the final draft and create a lasting document from it. Be sure that it becomes one that is highly-visible to the group members, whether it becomes a wall poster in the office or something like a paper weight to be kept on desks in employees' home offices.

Pro Tip #1.

Present the organizational core values, and see that the 3 leadership responsibilities selected by the group are in alignment with these.

Pro Tip #2.

If running this exercise on a team or department level, introduce it internally with other department leaders. It's not unreasonable that separate departments will have slightly different final 3's. However, each of these, because of your introduction of the organizational, core values, should have alignment through overlap.

🔑 A Key Takeaway.

In performing this exercise, you'll have accomplished an item of importance. You'll have encouraged the participation of employees in the development of individual and shared leadership responsibilities.

Were these responsibilities to have been decided exclusively by executives and presented as being mandatory without employees' input, resistance is the usual outcome. However, it's through employees' participation that embrace of practices and behaviors are realized, contributing to positive results that your organization will continue to enjoy.

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