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The 5 Key Areas Where The LinkedIn OS By Justin Welsh Helped To Focus My Social Media Strategy.

After more than 15 years of using LinkedIn, I found The LinkedIn OS by Justin Welsh. It instantly changed the way that I approach my content preparation and social media strategy on the platform.

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the operating system
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How I Used LinkedIn Before.

linkedin strategy

My LinkedIn strategy has changed over time, sometimes aligned with the trends of the day, and other times with far greater innovation, creativity, engagement, and results.

Here's A General History Of My Strategy:

linkedin employees
  • Passive (2005 - 2010) - For these 5 years, my LinkedIn profile was mostly a copy and paste of my resume. As an employee, I logged in only when I received a promotion and wanted my profile to be up-to-date. My professional network wasn't growing online as much as it was offline, though I didn't deny connection requests if I didn't happen to know a requester personally.

  • Active / Unstructured / Marketing-Focused (2011 - 2017) - During the bulk of this period, I owned a personal training studio. I'd acquired a good following and earned clients through engagement on Facebook and Twitter, and hoped the same for LinkedIn. Hope isn't a great strategy; it's too random. That was evident as my process of auto-posting from other social media platforms to LinkedIn fell flat.

  • Active / Unstructured / Learning-Focused (2018 - 2021) - In a return to life as an employee in general and regional management roles in the fitness industry, earning multiple graduate degrees, and entering the field of educational technology during this period, my use of LinkedIn gravitated toward earning LinkedIn Learning certificates and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds. My posting, connecting, and learning on LinkedIn didn't follow any calendar; it wasn't planned, as much as I'd log in when I felt like it or had time.

  • Active / Structured / Community-Focused (2022 - ) - Near the end of 2021, I formed Inevitabl LLC, and began coaching and consulting. I scrolled through LinkedIn constantly, looking for guidance from those a few steps ahead of me, and to engage with those who I believed I could help. In January of 2022, I purchased Justin Welsh's program. Since, I've become more structured in my content creation, precise in my messaging, and disciplined in my time management. Plus, I'm having more fun.

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How Justin's LinkedIn OS Helped Me.

It'd take a while to scroll through my LinkedIn activity history, filtered to posts or all activity. If you did, you'd notice a transition from intermittent posting to more consistent, near-daily, sharing of insight, ideas, and value.

While I'm still working on the same consistency in commenting, intelligently, on the posts of others, you'll notice an uptick in that area, as well.

Those are the visible changes. The changes that have occurred behind the scenes have come from shifting perspective on:

  • Process
  • Systems
  • Strategy

The 5 Areas That Were Most Helpful To Me In Justin's Program.

Each person who invests in Justin's program may have a different starting point as it comes to their experiences and confidence in their social media strategy.

And so, your list of the 5 most impactful areas may look different than mine.

So you know what you're jumping into, here are the most important items I gathered from Justin's program. He gives greater detail, though this will give you a good, general overview.

1. Define Your Audience Precisely.

I've got a ton of hybrid, professional experience. It's great to have a background as a generalist, above average in several categories. But, in marketing general services, the number of consumers and competitors are greater. The total available market numbers seem attractive, though it's much tougher, and more expensive, to stand out among providers.

2. Constant Content Creation Is Hard (Without A System).

I love writing, and I consume a lot of information that gives me new ideas and perspective constantly. But, being creative daily is exhausting.

new content creation

You'll break a streak of posting thinking you've said all you can and there's no more value to give.

One missed day can become a string of days.

➡️ Consistent is better than creative.

Justin introduces methods for preparing content in advance, with steps on how to repackage it appropriately so that your audience members are able to read it and gain value from it.

3. Deposits > Withdrawals.

In banking 💸, if you make withdrawals more often than you do deposits, you'll find yourself overdrawn and out of money.

Similar is true in presenting your call to action (CTA) as part of your posts.

Whether it's to read an article or guide, subscribe to a newsletter, complete a survey, or purchase a product or service, asking incessantly gets annoying.

You'll turn off readers even if you have exceptionally valuable information or services.

Some call it providing value. Others refer to it as results in advance.

Whatever you call it, deliver your content to provide value first. Then, sparingly, ask your readers to take action.

4. Clarify Your Expertise.

Similar to #1 in our list, clarifying your expertise is critical to your messaging and engagement. Justin provides a system for creating your story, defining your specialty, and including it in your profile.

5. Templates.

product resources included

I love a good spreadsheet. It helps me with organization and understanding.

It's even better when someone's created a template you can use right out of the box.

And, it's best when they show you how to use it - in video.

As part of Justin's instruction, he provides video-based tours of the resources he's created for you to begin using right away.

It's common that people consume a lot of information, yet get stuck on taking the next actionable step because they don't know how to apply it.

With the included templates, you won't have to create the wheel yourself. It's already inside for you.

Get The LinkedIn OS By Justin Welsh Today!

Robert H. Schuller once said, "spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation."

We may have to update the saying, as Justin's Operating System is as spectacular a preparatory item as can be. Apply his teachings, and spectacular achievement won't be far behind.

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