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video testimonial software

In this Inevitabl article, you'll learn about the usual obstacles to getting testimonials, what an organized process can do for you, and about a service that helps to remove barriers, making the experience an enjoyable one for you and for your community members.

Is Getting Testimonials Clunky And Awkward For You?

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From what I've seen through the years, it seems like everyone's recognized that testimonials can be helpful.

They can be used to help earn new business, keep current clients longer, and they can be made to look fancy for your marketing campaigns.

Though, the process that's used to get testimonials can be clunky and awkward.

  • When is the right time to ask?
  • What do I say or write?
  • What if they don't like my service?
  • What if they say no?

These are all questions I've asked myself and clients have asked me as they've built their businesses.

It's caused such discomfort for some that their tactic for getting testimonials was to put posters, asking for them, in the bathroom stalls.

Improving Your Process For Getting Written And Video Testimonials.

My clients and I work often on improving their systems.

These can be in sales, customer service, email marketing, content creation, and other areas.

Sometimes upgrades of technology are involved, though smaller changes can sometimes make meaningful impact in less time.

It Could Be As Simple As Having A "Talk Track."

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In sales, especially where cold-calling is involved, colleagues will often share their "talk tracks."

They're basically prepared statements or responses that can be used in different situations, depending upon the conversation being had or the response that's been given.

One might consider them as scripts, though allowing yourself some flexibility and personalization is encouraged so the feel and delivery is more organic.

Prepare These, In Advance, For Your In-Person, Phone And Email Communication.

You've heard me mention before that random strategy provides random results.

Where predictability is preferred, and it is in this situation, taking time to outline your testimonial request talk tracks will help.

Writing them out, practicing them out loud, hearing yourself speak your words, role-playing them with others, and getting responses when you do send them will add to the skill and comfort you hold.

You'll feel more confident taking action more often, and your efforts will be rewarded.

An Affiliate Note.

Links on the rest of this page are "affiliate links." If you click on them and buy, Inevitabl LLC earns a small commission at no cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I know and love and which I believe will be genuinely useful to you. See my affiliate policy for more information.

Upgrading Your Manual Process With Written And Video Testimonial Software.

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Once you've got your talk tracks in place, you still have to do the work.

You have to make the phone calls, send the emails, or have the in-person conversations.

There's nothing wrong with this approach, and it should remain present in your daily activities.

But, Your Time Is Limited.

It's restricted by the number of work hours in the day, meetings, operations, fulfillment, and the other items that begin to fill your calendar.

Significant impact can be made without adding more working hours to your day.

Enter Automation And Efficiency.

You've already developed your wording or talk tracks. Place these in the hands of a video testimonial software that can do the heavy lifting for you, and you'll be freeing up more time in your day.

You'll also be giving your would-be testimonial contributors an easy way to create the deliverable for you.

Because We Aren't All Software Developers...

If you're anything like me, you like learning, but you can't dedicate time to becoming a Jedi master of every new software that enters your life.

It's why I turn to Testimonial to make the process of asking for, receiving, and displaying written and video testimonials both simple and easy.

Couldn't I Have Just Used Canva?

If there's any one question that comes up nearly every time I mention my testimonial system, it's this one.

Yes, I've downloaded Canva, and tinkered around with it.

And, I've made a few things that I've used on my site or in my social media.

But, if you remember the show Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? that's how I feel about what I created myself.

I'm pretty sure I'd have missed the project deadline, too.

That's for the written testimonials.

Throw video at me, and any editing that'd be involved, and I probably won't be coming up for air until next year.

Skipping Canva and going straight to Testimonial lets me eliminate the manual process, and focus on the stuff I enjoy - making a difference for my clients.

All The Features.

I won't give you an exhaustive list of all the features, especially as I get an email with an exciting new feature update almost every week.

Check out the website and service options. See if it makes sense for you. And, give it a go!

Taking Imperfect Action.

The distance between where you are now and where you'd like to be can be traversed by taking imperfect action.

At the time of this writing, the cost to get started with Testimonial is nil, as they offer trial periods and options for tiers of service.

Get your feet wet with the entry-level options, then upgrade to their premium options as you see fit and based on your firsthand experience.

Send me a message when you do get started. I'd love to see how you're putting your new written and video testimonial software and process to work!

In health,

David Bohmiller

David Bohmiller, MBA, MS (he/him/his)
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive
Inevitabl LLC

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