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by Alex
(San Clemente, CA, USA)

Hi, I'm really enjoying your newsletter tips and was wondering if the links you include each week are newsletter affiliate links. Or, do they just go to the resource you mention? I've been hesitant to click on them because I wasn't sure.

Also, I'm planning on trying to do affiliate marketing so any tips on that would be awesome. Thanks!

Thanks for Your Question, Alex!

Hi Alex,

Boh here from Inevitabl. Thanks so much for your question and for being a newsletter subscriber. I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying it.

For those unfamiliar with our newsletter, each Friday morning I send a best-of email that has 3 of my favorite resources that I've discovered in the week prior.

Usually, each one of these has helped me to consider new perspectives in business, sales, management, leadership, and other areas.

Whether the resources are books, videos, Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts, podcasts, etc., I include a link so that you can evaluate each resource for yourself. And, I give a short description, often with relation to how I've used it, how I might use it, or how it could be applied in certain disciplines or professions.

Affiliate Marketing Legal Requirements.

The links in the emails are not newsletter affiliate links, though if any were, I'd be sure to make note of that prior to any recommendation.

There are laws that govern affiliate marketing and the promotion or inclusion of links when they're presented on the web.

You'll notice that we include several areas where we make any affiliation known. These include our affiliate policy and call-out or reminder boxes as you'll see near the top of our Recommended Resources page.

Getting Started in Affiliate Marketing.

I'm excited to hear that you'll be diving into the world of affiliate marketing.

Here are a few things you'll want to keep in mind, as you get started:
  • Always come from a place of authenticity in your recommendation of any product or service.

  • Be genuine in your communication.

  • The quality of products and services you recommend is more important than the quantity.

  • When considering an opportunity to promote something, consider it from the lens of whether, and how, it might help your audience members, not how it will help your commissions.

  • Keep learning by reading, watching videos, and taking affiliate marketing courses.

  • Don't give up! It can take some time before your snowball begins rolling. Have patience. Give good effort. Stay true to yourself and your audience, and good things will happen!

Great Luck!

Thanks again for your question and for being a valued subscriber and visitor. Best of luck in your affiliate marketing journey. As you have more questions, please do reach out. We'll be cheering you on!

In health,

David Bohmiller, MBA (he/him/his)
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive
Inevitabl LLC

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