are you an employee engagement consultant?

Which Is It? Employee Engagement Consultant Or Change Management Consultant?

The "Are you an employee engagement consultant or change management consultant?" question is one I field often.

employee engagement consultant

The short answer? It's a bit of both. That's because one informs the other.

In the way that I deliver for clients, an initial focus on employee engagement reveals the strengths and opportunities of a company's culture, systems, and operations.

These become the ingredients and focus of the recommendations within a change management plan.

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Here's What I Mean Through A Fitness Lens.

proximal stabilityProximal stability.
distal mobilityDistal mobility.

Having been a fitness professional for the better part of 2 decades, I've got plenty of fitting analogies.

In the fitness world, there's a saying, "proximal stability before distal mobility."

  • Proximal stability refers to one's core, and the desire to be able to stabilize the structures that make up this center mass.
  • It's the first piece that creates the solid foundation for distal mobility, the movement of the limbs and structures away from the core.

The stronger the foundation one has in the former, the greater opportunity there is for improved efficiency in the latter.

Building A House? The Concept Applies Here, Too.

new home construction

I have next to no knowledge in new home construction. But, I know enough not to build on a poor foundation.

It's reasonable to believe that the process of building might be tougher, given a shaky starting environment. In the event that construction is completed, the iffy atmosphere might not allow for the house to remain intact.

The same is true of business and change project outcomes. All the hard work you and your team may have done to achieve a result can be short-lived if employee engagement and organizational culture aren't considered from the start.

Hiring A Professional.

In each of the above examples, fitness and new home construction, there are professionals to guide you through the process.

I've got the fitness part covered for myself, though when it comes to building a new home, I don't trust myself beyond my couch fort building skills.

You know what they say about the cost and consequence of hiring an amateur.

Where I Shine, And How I Can Help You.

business e-learning

Despite my lack of skill in construction, I can still put together a fun and results-focused, personal training program. But, my academic and professional experiences support a new type of programming for my clients.

Now I spend my days:

  • Assessing employee engagement and organizational change readiness
  • Designing executive coaching programs and team trainings
  • Facilitating in-person and virtual workshops
  • Providing business strategy advisory services

I begin my work as an employee engagement consultant, and transition to change management consultant as companies rely on their newfound core strength to introduce the changes that allow for decreased expenses, improved revenues, and business sustainability.

Here's What To Do Next.

To learn more and to start the conversation, there's 2 steps to take:

  1. View our most popular learning paths.
  2. Contact us to start a conversation.

I'm looking forward to supporting you as both your employee engagement consultant and your change management consultant.

In health,

David Bohmiller

David Bohmiller, MBA, MS (he/him/his)
Founder, CEO and Consulting Executive
Inevitabl LLC
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