inevitabl inclusive change leadership workshop

Virtual or In-person Change Leadership Workshops

Build your organization's future leaders by giving them an educational foundation with our Inevitabl Inclusive change leadership workshop.

  • Satisfy learners by investing in their professional development
  • Convert passive change stakeholders to active change participants
  • Engage your workforce and help them become loyal, long-term employees
  • Reduce turnover, increase project success rates, and build competitive advantage

Change is the common denominator in sales, marketing, strategy, and other business projects. Give your team the tools to succeed.

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Change Leadership Workshops

Inevitabl Inclusive Change Leadership Workshop FAQ.


Our change leadership workshops are a great fit for store-level employees and managers, regional managers, and executives. Small group sizes of 10-30 allow for active participation, increased practice, and improved learning retention.


A 1-2 hour, depending on group size, workshop introducing participants to understanding and applying stakeholder mapping and analysis, recognizing where change resistance comes from and using it to their advantage, and embracing 4 foundational steps of a change management model.


Workshops can be hosted virtually or in-person, whether you're in-office or hosting an off-site event.


For all the sales, technology, and HR trainings employees have sat through, few have learned about change management or change leadership. All updates to processes, systems, and personnel require movement from one way of being or doing to another. Equipping your team with knowledge and familiarity as a foundation can help them show up more consistently and efficiently, advancing the customer experience, and supporting organizational achievement.


We'll determine a mutually-agreeable date together.

How much?

Presentations are priced on a per-day basis.

  • Virtual: $5,000
  • In-person (Continental United States): $10,000*

*The costs of travel are included for in-person events.

Why a daily rate?

While some presentations may last an hour or two, though with travel, or preparation for virtual events, I've dedicated my time to you for the day. As I'm not able to serve other clients that day, my focus is on you and your organization.

Beyond presentation, and included in the day, you might also consider having me spend time with your executives and/or managers in focus groups or Q&A sessions.

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  • Introduce/improve Change Management processes
  • Increase employee engagement & productivity
  • Reduce & utilize change resistance
  • Slash employee turnover costs
  • Develop change leaders

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