why choose a boutique consulting firm?

3 Reasons To Choose A Boutique Consulting Firm.

It's common that leaders, needing external expertise, are pressed to decide between hiring a boutique consulting firm or a larger name consulting firm.

boutique consulting firm

There are pros and cons to each. Here, we'll explore 3 reasons why choosing a boutique firm may be a fit for your organization.

1️⃣ Specialized Experience.

In large consulting firms, though your initial conversations might be with a senior consultant, the research and deliverables are often passed off to junior consultants.

They're well-meaning, but often less-experienced, with general knowledge, and haven't been involved to know the intricacies of your business and the issue you'd like to fix.

job stress
work stress

In boutique consulting firms like Inevitabl, we don't pass the buck. We put our specialized experience to task in immersing ourselves in the research and preparation necessary to deliver high-quality, relevant solutions for you. We show up prepared, in-the-know, and deeply familiar with you, your team members, your most-pressing issues, and the action items that can provide the greatest impact for you and your company.

2️⃣ Direct Access.

Having a direct line to your consultant and knowing they'll personally reply to your emails and answer your calls without your messages being rerouted to the voicemail graveyard can give you peace of mind as questions arise.

You may recall Jim and Dwight's field sales call showing the difference in customer service and accessibility between Dunder Mifflin and larger competitors. Check out the video below for a refresher.

While flip phones may be a thing of the past, accessibility and exceptional customer service aren't extinct. They're here to stay and are part of our commitment to clients. This ties in closely with our 3rd reason to choose a boutique consulting firm.

3️⃣ Top Priority.

How many clients do you think the largest consulting firms have? 100s? Maybe thousands? Do you know where your company falls on their pillar of prioritization?

high priority

Boutique consulting firms are able to limit the total number of consulting engagements taken on at any given time. In doing so, your company doesn't get lost in the shuffle. You stay high on that pillar of prioritization. That's our model at Inevitabl. We say our commitment to you is of the highest priority, our actions support it, and our calendars reflect the availability you deserve.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read).

Key differences exist between boutique consulting firms and larger competitors. In working with a boutique firm, you'll enjoy:

  • Specialized experience versus the generalized research and reporting of junior consultants.
  • Direct access to your consultant instead of a bottomless pit of email and voicemail messages.
  • Prioritization of your company as one of a handful of active engagements versus being a needle in a haystack.

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