Inevitabl organizational swot analysis

SWOT Analysis: Survey & Strategy

The Inevitabl Organizational SWOT Analysis gives you a fresh set of eyes and a proven system through which to assess:

  • Internal strengths and weaknesses
  • External opportunities and threats

Through a survey of your workforce, and assessment of the collected data and responses, we deliver our findings and strategic recommendations.

Before investing in a SWOT Analysis, schedule a performance call to see what we can accomplish in a session together.

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SWOT Analysis

Inevitabl Organizational SWOT Analysis FAQ.

  • Who? - You, me, and any other key stakeholders from your decision-making group.
  • What? - A 1-2 week introductory consulting engagement that includes a survey of employees and presentation of findings with strategic recommendations.
  • Where? - Performed virtually for your convenience.
  • Why? - "The SWOT analysis is a highly useful and simple tool for identifying the actual state, the necessary changes, potential risks, and the necessary steps to turn weaknesses into strengths and eliminate risks" (Pochobradská, 2019, para. 1).
  • When? - We'll coordinate mutually convenient meeting times.
  • How much? - The Inevitabl Organizational SWOT Analysis is a fixed-fee service at an investment of $3,000.

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If you believe the Inevitabl Organizational SWOT Analysis could be valuable, your 1st step is to book a performance call. After our call, if moving forward is desired, we'll credit your performance call investment toward your ongoing engagement.

I'm looking forward to our session together! For any questions, please contact us.

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    Pochobradská, K. (2019). SWOT Analysis as Tool for Evaluation of Process Supply and Strategy Design. Economics & Management (1802-3975), 1, 44-51.

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